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The rental committee is to oversee all the rental activities of the congregation, including rentals to members, non-congregants and community groups. The members of the committee devise overall strategy to guide the rental activities, develop and recommend policy to the board of directors, and work closely with the Trustees to implement rental agreements and carry out the committee’s goals.


Committee members are involved in marketing and outreach efforts to attract renters (congregants and non-congregants) and encourage them to choose our facility for their party, social event or community activity. And, by encouraging community groups to use our space for activities such as music lessons, dance classes and social events, meetings , conferences  we open our doors to a population of potential new members who have the opportunity to see our congregation up close. Committee meetings are held monthly or on an as needed basis.


All congregants can act as ad hoc rental committee members by encouraging your friends and professional colleagues to consider Berean Presbyterian when looking for a rental facility.





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